A Good Starting Point

Decide FIRST where you will begin in your home. Projects of these types can be
very difficult to initiate and complete. If you set a starting point for yourself, going
room by room will not only help you to complete your project, but also ensure you
do not get overwhelmed by the project.

Room by Room

Taking it room by room will be the easiest way to reorganize and un-clutter your
home. Pick your one room to begin with. Plan it out. Think about what you would
like to keep and what you can part with. My rule is this…if you haven’t used it in
ONE month; it is safe to say that it is just acting as a decoration piece! Use that rule
to help judge what can be donated or tossed and what will stay. These decisions
must take place prior to reorganization. Do not begin another room until one is

Staying clutter free and organized

Keeping clean what you have cleaned! Another rule/tip I use… For every ONE new
item you bring into your home, get rid of TWO! By doing this, you will stay clutter
free and will keep what you’ve spent all that time re-organizing…so fresh and so