Are you planning on listing your home this summer, in hopes to have it sold before the new season?  Here are some tips that can help move along the sale of your current house and get you into your DREAM home…


Take Care of Repairs


You definitely do not want to discourage potential buyers from buying your house due to physical damages or unsightly characteristics.  With that being said, take advantage of the nice weather and paint those chipping shutters, wax those dull hardwoods, and fix those leaky faucets or running toilets.  Although small in the whole scheme, these tiny irritants can definitely inhibit the sale of your home, so get them taken care of before anyone else has the chance to notice them!  Remember, most of the time, buyers want to buy a house ready to move in to, and by fixing these minor repairs, you won’t spend time negotiating or haggling over your listing price!


Declutter the Junk


No one and I mean NO ONE wants to view a home with clutter and JUNK, or especially buy one.  What does this mean?  Visualization is KEY!  People see clutter and junk and think the sale could go on for much more than the normal 45-60 days…they are thinking… “They’ll never have everything out of here or packed up in time to close!”  So take care of it now rather than later!  Take this time to go through all your items and decide what you will take with you on your move and what can be let go of! Donation is KEY! One mans trash is another mans treasure!  With less clutter and junk, your house looks bigger and is more appealing to potential buyers!  Less is more when it comes to selling or buying your home!  Another important part of decluttering is depersonalizing!  Again, Visualization is key!  Having a “clean slate” so to speak helps buyers envision THEMSELVES in your home, rather than YOU!  


CURB Appeal


What is the first thing you see when pulling up to a new listing?  Landscape and outdoor details.  CLEAN IT UP! Having a freshly mowed lawn at all times, and having trimmed trees and bushes all help in the general curb appeal of your home!  Flowers are ALWAYS a huge help!  Beautiful blooms will only encourage a potential buyer to see the real beauty in your home!  Having nicely manicured grounds just show the potential buyers, even further, how much you have cared for your home and LOVE your home!  Think about it, to some people, first impressions are EVERYTHING!


Finally…have all your ducks in a row


Be real with yourself!  Have your listing agent or brokerage work with you to understand the value of your home!  Have an idea of what is for sale around you and make sure to list your house at a reasonable price.  Accurate pricing not only will speed up the potential sale of your home, but also shows buyers that you are serious about selling and you are ready to leave!