Selling Your Home in Today’s Market!

We’ve all heard about how the market has been UP and DOWN! That we can’t change…but what we can do is
offer tips to you, taking our experience into consideration, on how to sell your home!

  1. Pictures Are Everything… Make sure you and your REALTOR have constant communication and
    conversation about what is going on with your home! The pictures that will be attached to your listing say a
    thousand words! Make sure your home looks the best that it possibly can in those pictures! The more
    pictures the better! People like to “SEE” what they are looking at and potentially buying!
  2. Social Media… Work with your REALTOR to market your home! Any videos, pictures, blogs, or any
    posts of your house will only HELP sell your home! Buyers are looking to purchase a home that is LOVED!
    Show your love for your home ONLINE!
  3. Including Your Neighbors… Send your neighbors a link to your listing! They may know people who
    are interested in your neighborhood looking to buy! Best part of that is…they get to CHOOSE THEIR
  4. Include Items in your Sale… These pieces of property would be your things such as a TV mounted on
    the wall, your stainless steel appliances, or maybe a riding mower? It can distinguish your home from
  5. Getting Your Home Ready/Pricing… One major selling point for buyers is having a home MOVE IN
    READY! Fix up all those paint nicks, or repairs…maybe have a radon test done ahead of time. These types
    of things are ONE LESS THING that your buyer is going to have to do! Once ready to price, get 3 closing
    prices on homes best like yours and price 10-15% below those prices! Buyers want to find a STEAL!